Crimson Fang (Vampire Clan.)

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Crimson Fang (Vampire Clan.)

Post by Eliza on Wed Feb 26, 2014 11:13 pm

Crimsonfang Clan is the clan for vampires. Werewolves may join if they purchase the permission in the shop, and have a good in rp reason. Like Rai, she was friends with Casper before the clans and dislikes the savagery of the werewolves. Anyway, ranks go like this...

King/Queen - Equal rank, both command clan.

Heirs - A male and female one. Chosen by the leaders. Must be the Queen's child. (Unless there are special circumstances) They are taught to lead by their parents.

Generals - Second in command. They are in charge when the Leaders are gone.

Healer - The healer of the clan. They are good with herbs and medicine. The healer is normally female, and her, or his on special circumstances, child become the next healer.

Fighters - The ones taught to fight since they were given teachers. Become mentors to future fighters.

Watchers - They watch over the young ones and the clan. They mentor future watchers.

Hunters - They provide the food for the clan. They mentor future hunters.

Apprentices - The ones being taught to be fighters, watchers, or hunters. Aged 6-18 years old in human years.

Babies - Infants. Cared for by watchers. Aged 0-6 years.

The ages may be shortened later, depends.

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