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Post by Eliza on Mon Jul 28, 2014 12:35 pm

This is a list of the different bond, what they do, and how to create them. It will also tell you why you will need these bonds.

Clan bond- It adds a member to a clan, and let them comunicate with the rest of the clan if they so desire. It can be blocked out if a vampire or werewolf wants to- Can be removed if they leaves the clan, and is painful for the leader and the ex clan member. Created by a leader that takes the vampire or werewolf to either the Scarlett Hall, or the Moon Garden. Vampire leaders will bite the new clan member until it scars them, and werewolf leaders will scratch the new clan member until it scars their neck. Anyone in a clan must have the clan bond.

Family bond- It connects siblings, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins- It connects members of a family, much like the clan bond. This is much harder to block out, and can only be removed by death- It is automatically placed between family when they are born.- It is a way to keep track of family members.

Mate bond- It connects mates much like the clan bond and family bond, but it can not be blocked out. It can be removed, but is extremely painful for both.- If the two people are vampires, they bite eachother and drink at the same time, then kiss and mix their blood. If they are werewolves they scratch eachother, lick up the blood and mix it in a kiss.- This is for mates to keep track of one another and is practically marriage.

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