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Post by Casper on Wed Dec 03, 2014 7:43 am

Here will be posted the adoptable characters. If you can't think of your own one or just like someone of the already posted ones, you can ask one of the admins (Eliza, Raizil & Casper) to adopt one (or more, depends how many free slots you've got).

Biography Sheet for Adoptable characters:





Job (if any):

Personality (minimum 10 sentenses):


Appearance (you can post a picture if you want, but if you describe then minimum 5 sentences; if you're a werewolf make sure to post a picture of your wolf form too):

History (not necessary):

Family (if any):

Relationships (if any):

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Adoptable Characters Empty Re: Adoptable Characters

Post by Casper on Sat Dec 27, 2014 6:11 pm

Adoptable Characters 7809313q

Name: Ren and Lidia Cross

Age: 18

Species: Natural born vampires

Clan: Crimson Fang

Rank: Warriors

Powers: Both have control over air (Aerokinesis)

Personality (minimum 10 sentenses):
Ren and Lydia are personification of harmony аs well as two completely opposite character.

Ren is extremely secretive youth. He is quiet and almost never talks to anyone. He often isolates himself in order to indulge to one of his sullen moods. The only person with whom he communicates is his own sister. With one word he is a withdrawn person. He is disliked by most of his clanmates because of his calculating ways of getting what he wants. Moreover he is always very careful about what he does, paying attention to small details and making sure everything is correct. Despite his frequent absence Ren is always well-informed about the events in the clan.

Lidia, on the other hand, can't get her mouth shut. She can be annoyingly loud, overconfident and even aggressive if someone dares to question her skills. Her tone is usually curt no matter to whom she is talking to. People avoid communicating with her due to her volatile attitude. Lidia, just like her brother, can be very calculative. However, the word that describes her best is ruthless.

Likes: (Ren) quiet places, poker games, the cold air, white chocolate, bunnies / (Lidia) chaos, arguing with her clanmates, poker games, dark chocolate, messing around with the boys, bunnies.
Dislikes: (Ren) anything that annoys him / (Lidia) women around her brother, cigarettes, and almost anyone who tries to oppose her.

History: I'll leave this to the people who decide to take them.

Family: They have eachother, which is enough for them.

Relationships: None for now

It is not necessary to take them both, you can take one of them and leave the other for another person. Just don't forget to PM me if you want to adopt one of them or both.

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