Underground Pool (Eliza's hideout)

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Underground Pool (Eliza's hideout) Empty Underground Pool (Eliza's hideout)

Post by Eliza on Thu Feb 27, 2014 6:21 pm

Underground Pool (Eliza's hideout) Luray_10

Far away from the mansion and the clearing, deep in the shadowy woods, under the gigantic mountain, was hidden a special place. A pool in the recesses of the mountain lit only by the moon. Cold stone walls, from which slowly dripped ice water. Stalactites and stalagmites protruding from each side, drove the place to look dangerous. But this unfriendly place was the favorite hideout of Eliza. No one else except the queen and now her children knew about this place. That is why she often comes here, in order to escape from the hectic and sometimes boring life.

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Underground Pool (Eliza's hideout) Empty Re: Underground Pool (Eliza's hideout)

Post by Trevor on Sun Dec 27, 2015 1:56 pm

The boy was slow to enter the area, gold eyes scanning the place. It seem to have been undisturbed since his last visit. He had made it clear to his mother and sister that this was his now. And it seemed like it was the great place to reopen the family bond. As long as Casper was alive, he'd be able to find him, even if Casper had turned off the band. Sure, it'd be a hell of a lot harder to find him as the signal would be very very weak, but Trevor was ready to spend until he was king to find his father. And then kill him. He clenched his fist at the thought.

The boy continued to walk forward until he was practically in the pool of water. There was a stalagmite that had been cut down to a bench-like stump by ice magic, but Trevor didn't bother thinking about that. This was all his now. With a somewhat happy smile, he flicked his finger to make a small waterspout on the surface of the pool, watching the water swirl in a tornado. After about a minute of this, he sighed. It was time to reopen the bond, and that meant with the whole family. He couldn't pick and choose, for the most part. He wasn't strong enough for that, he was only around 14.

And so the waterspout stopped, and his golden eyes closed. He focused on his... family. His mother, father, sister, aunt. He focused on how sickly his sister was, how cold their father was, how heart broken his aunt was, and finally, how soul shattered his mother was. His breath stopped as the feelings of them started to flow over him, like a blanket over his mind. He felt sadness ache through him from his sister, from his mother, and he thought from his aunt and father too. There was so much sadness. And the boy couldn't handle it so suddenly being present. He started to scream and cry and curl up in a ball on the ground, sobbing and crying as he let the pain of sorrow tear through him. Anyone who hadn't closed the bond would feel his pain and sorrow spark, just like how he felt others.

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