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Post by Casper on Thu Dec 24, 2015 6:20 pm

The Forest 7114733n

Green, wide, deprivate from direct sunlight - the forest. This is the main place where the hunters of the Crimson Fang clan stalk and catch their prey. The place is full of game staring from deers and finishing with hares. There are various of birds too, but they are hard to catch. The forest is really big - it starts from the vampires' clan and reaches the werewolves' clan. It is rarely visited by humans.

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The Forest Empty Re: The Forest

Post by Solomon on Thu Dec 31, 2015 10:26 am

Solomon had decided to take a walk among the forest that they shared with the wolves. Sometimes it was hard to try and just be alone with his thoughts. He loved his mate Angel but sometimes he just needed to be who he was, which is a pretty boy faced vampire who use to be the ex kings best friend, who enjoys the chase when his prey runs from him but knowing that they wont be able to get away, the feeling as his fangs enters their flesh and he sucks the blood from their veins. He sometimes just needed to be the monster that he knew he was in order to appreciate all he has and right now with Angel he felt like he needed to hide that part of himself. One minute she wants to be turned and the next minute she tells him that he doesnt need to hunt he can drink bagged blood or from her. It was starting to drive him crazy. Also their was another reason why Solomon came out here and it was to find his best friend. When he had finally gotten to sneak and see Casper he found him gone, he came out her to look for a dear friend but with no such luck. And with that he moved to check the loner lands.

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