Rules (New users, please read.)

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Rules (New users, please read.) Empty Rules (New users, please read.)

Post by Eliza on Wed Feb 26, 2014 8:03 am

These are the rules. Hidden within them is the secret word you must post in your character biograpghy in order to be accepted.
Note: This site is on the mature side and only for the ages 15 and up.
1. No god-modding, or controling other charater that are not your own. This also includes dodging every attack. Please give the other character in the fight time to react to each attack.
2. No Double-posting.
3. No spamming
4. Please be kind to others.
5. Don't troll the staff. They are working hard to make the site more enjoyable for you.  
6. You have a maximum of three free character slots. After that the character slots must be paid for with claws at the Claw wall.  
7. If someone is inactive, contact an admin. They will decide what to do. If an admin is inactive or not responding, please edit your post so your character leaves.
8. Don't give personal information to anyone. Staff will not ask for it either.
9. Please create a character before rping them.
10. Please use common sense.
11. Please use this word in your bio. There is a spot for it. Fangs.

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