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Post by Eliza on Wed Feb 26, 2014 9:01 pm

These are the character rules. Please follow them when creating your bio. There may not be a word to be sure you have read them, but please do. They will answer a few questions you may have.
(You are allowed 3 free characters, any characters beyond that you will have to pay for them at the Claw Wall)
1. The roleplay is set 300 years ago or more. Please do not have modern items such as Ipads or computers. This includes cell phones as well. For more info, read the setting info under General.
2. Only Natural Born vampire and werewolves have powers. Made vampires and werewolves do not.
Natural born- have powers, these powers cost them lots of energy. They are two times faster, and three times stronger.
Made - These supernaturals do not have powers. But, they are three times faster, and three times stronger. Plus, their bloodlust is stronger. Blood or raw meat gives them an extra boost.
3. The choice of powers are, electricity, mind control, ice, and fire. These are it, do not ask for more please.
4. Any hair-color is acceptable. But, please choose a common eye color, such as brown ,blue, green, and hazel. Odd eye-color can be purchased, along with other things.
5.  Vampires drink blood, can't drown, but they are not undead. They also are not burned by sunlight. They lose all powers, including speed and strength bonuses. Holy water burns them (third-degree burns), and limits their powers. Vampires simply have diseases. The vampire disease can't be cured.
6. Werewolves can have any coat color. In human form, they have EXACTLY the same attributes as humans in this form.
7.The clans are made up of vamps and werewolves. Vampires and werewolves are made when a natural born bites a human, and they live. Most of the times though, they die of the disease instead. (More info on this is the info section)
8. There are only two clans, and for the Vampire clan the ranks are King, Queen, Princess, Prince, General, Fighters, Hunters, and the watchers (who dont really have an official rank, they sometimes will watch the children of the clan), and loners. For the Werewolf pack the ranks are Alpha Male, Alpha Female, Beta, Fighters, Hunters, and watchers (who have the same job as in a vampire clan), and loners.
9. The children of the King and Queen take over the clan, never the General. Same goes for the Alpha male and Alpha females children. The General or Beta will never take over unless the leaders passed away without producing a heir.
10. Do not ask for high ranks, they will be given when seen fit.
11. Please refrain from posting things that aren't within the PG to PG-13 range. And a minimum of four sentences is required. And most of all have fun!

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