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Post by Eliza on Wed Feb 26, 2014 9:54 pm

So you want to be a vampire, eh? Well, here is all you need to know about how vampires work.
 Sun - Sun doesn't burn vampires. It makes them feel weak, and does not allow them to use their powers. They need blood if they stay in the sun for too long.
 Holy water and wood stakes - Holy water does harm vampires, but only with small burns. And really guys? A stake to the heart would kill anyone.
 Life time - My vampires do not live forever. They have extended life expectancies. They may live for up to 300 years. The oldest vampire was 326. They age just as fast as people, until they hit their 20's, then they slow down in aging.
 Turning people - Only natural born vampires can change humans into vampires. They inject a sort of venom into the person, which they may only survive. Only about 10% of whom are bitten actually turn into vampires. If you intend to turn someone, notify me. I will do a role, and tell you if the person died or was successfully turned. This is how it will work, each day for 3 days irl, I will role it. 0-20% is a successful turn, 21-80% is waiting another day, and 81-100% is a death. At the end of the three days, if the person lived by being between 21-80% each day, they will turn on the third day no matter the role.
 Blood - Vampires must feed every two days or more to be healthy. They can feed on anything, as long as it has red blood. That means no insects guys. They can also eat regular food and drink regular drinks, but they tend to do so only for the flavor. It provides no nutrition for them.
 Natural borns - A natural born vampire is a vampire who was born to two vampire parents. This includes two made vampires. Your character can be natural born if born to two vampires, no matter the type. A vampire can not have children with humans. I say no!
 Vampire children - A vampire woman has her child within one week irl. Vampires have children in roleplay in 2-3 months. They are quick because, well, no one likes waiting. A werewolf can have children with a vampire, but they will not be halflings. They will be one or the other. Just like you can't have your dad's blonde hair AND your mother's black hair. No. If a werewolf and a vampire have kids, alert an Admin and they will roll to see how many are werewolves and how many are vampires. A werewolf female is more likely to have many children then a vampire female, due to the werewolf part.
 Any other questions? Feel free to ask below, and your question may be added with an answer. It will be answered none the less.

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