When Wolves Become One

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When Wolves Become One Empty When Wolves Become One

Post by Staff of WWBO on Mon Jan 26, 2015 2:21 pm

When Wolves Become One 2qaqv48


WWBO is a newly created wolf rpg that's based in the wilderness of Alaska. We are an active friendly community waiting to have new faces join us in our ranks! Staff positions are open, however don't ask us for them, we will decide by your behavior and activity. Two packs roam these lands, the Sterling pack and the Tarsus pack. Survival is the only thing on their minds. What lengths will they go in order to live to see another day? Join Quinton and Yuna on their journey of growing their packs and fighting to survive in Alaskas cold climate!
Will you survive or will you perish?

Staff of WWBO


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