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Post by Casper on Tue Feb 17, 2015 5:16 pm

Here will be written the development of the plot, so you can follow it.


Casper and Aceline were finally captured by Crimson Fang and sent into prison. Eliza and the new king Anubis made sure eveything went fine in the clan despite the issues. Soon enough Casper fell into bloodlust and was sent together with his beloved Ace to the arena, where they fought each other for their lives. Sadly Casper had lost his mind due to lack of blood in his body and murdered Aceline. Before being sent back in the dungeons he was allowed to bury her in the Loner Lands. After the funeral he was once again closed in the dungeons where he lies to these days...
Eliza and Casper's children were born short after their father's punishment and now they are about ten years old (which means me and Liza should create accounts for them). However things in the clan doesn't seem good since there are problems in the town due to recent vampire and werewolf attacks.

And while Crimson Fang is having problems, Moon Clan is prospering. Samuel and Raizil finally developed their relationship into strong comapssion and love and soon enough they are expected to have heir. The members of the werewolf clan are now more which make the clan grow strong. The war between the clans is over but a new danger lies ahead.


Nothing much has changed with Kari in the last 10 years, she had mostly just been hanging out in the market with that one blonde vampire fellow and had become acquaintances with the Emily girl. She has had many encounters with the Clans but chose to stay away ever since the vampire queen threatened her that one day, 10 years ago. The only times she would sneak into the vampire territory was to visit Laura, which was minimal, but mostly to see Elliot, who she now mostly calls Baron since she heard the other vampires calling him this.

Laura had kept her mouth shut for most of the 10 years, not talking to anyone unless they said something first. She kept everything to herself, as in how she thinks the clan has gone downhill since 10 years ago. She had started to feel bad for Casper being locked up in there since the arena battle, that she actually did not attend but Eliza told her what had happened. Laura started training harder with her weapons, so she has better aim with most of them and she has mastered some of the enhancements or powers of them. Okay so anyways in conclusion Laura has fallen back into that depressed state as she was in when she was 13-14 and Kari has developed some feelings for a vampire.

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