During and After the Great Exodus

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During and After the Great Exodus Empty During and After the Great Exodus

Post by Eliza on Thu Dec 24, 2015 7:44 pm

The Great Exodus

The Great Exodus was a large movement of both clans to a new area. It was caused by the taking of Aceline from the village the clans had been next to previously. The gods Nyx, the werewolves' first mother, and Primus, the vampires' first father, lead their children to the area both clans had first come from. The area was just outside the village of Aslad. No one knew what came first, the village or the clans. There the werewolves found a great area full of dusty dens and a great pond where the clan leaders could speak to Nyx. The vampires found a vine covered mansion full of books and a basement where a shrine to Primus lay. The area felt right to the creatures of night, and so there they stayed.

Crimson Fang

Upon arrival to the mansion, Aceline, the cause of the Great Exodus, finally fully turned. Eliza also that day realized that Casper had feelings for the girl, and threw a great fit. Casper told Eliza he loved her, a lie, and she calmed. That was also soon that the twins were conceived. Not long after this Aceline went missing. Casper was happy to find her. More time passed and Casper got into a fight with Jake, a werewolf, and was gravely injured and killed Jake. Casper went to Aceline for help, causing Eliza to throw a fit. She had Aceline and Casper hunted down, when both came to the mansion on their own. Eliza sent them both to the dungeon, and had Casper kill Aceline in bloodlust. She then left the man imprisoned in the dungeon, and took Anubis as her mate. Ten years quickly passed after this. Eliza and Casper's twins Elaine and Trevor were born. Trevor made the mistake of exploring the dungeon, and found Casper. Casper then escaped, leaving his family. Elaine, who's always been sickly, refused to talk to many people after her father left, but Trevor became a little less fearful of the world.

Jake had been a werewolf that moved into the werewolves' clan as the migration went by his family home. He quickly fell in love with Raizil, and they were mated for a short time. But Jake was not strong enough for responsibility, and Raizil sensed this. She quickly unmated with the wolf, who then threw a major fit. He stole away their adopted son and took him to the loner lands, where they stayed for many months. The loner brought the child back to the clan and his mother after awhile. Upon hearing of the war Casper threatened Moonclan with, he fought with the king, losing his own life, yet ending the war. Raizil took their beta Samuel as a new mate, and after ten years conceived a child.

(Whew this was just a quick summery, if anything major is missing please pm and I'll add it!)

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