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Post by Casper on Sun Apr 27, 2014 5:50 pm

The Scarlet Hall 7300943P

Every house has a secret. The mansion is not an exception. Under this enormous and beautiful bulding there is a hidden room known only by the leaders of Crimson fang. It is an ancient hall room in the middle of which there is a statue of an bowing angel. On a metre or two from it there is a stone table. The whole floor is covered with old roots and drawed runes. On the left and right side of the entrance there are placed big statues of wings. The place is lightened only by two tourches and unknown bluish light.
It is believed that this was the room of the first vampire - Primus - who gave life to the others of his kind. The legend tells that when his time came he turned into the statue that decorates the middle of the room. But one thing is sure - when the leaders fall asleep while having a contact with the statue Primus can connect with them.
This place is known only by the leaders of Crimson fang - Casper and Eliza.

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