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Post by Casper on Thu Dec 24, 2015 6:28 pm

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Hidden among the trees, deep in the forest, you can find a small, yet long creek. It's water is fresh and clean and wolves often come here to have a drink, take a bath or relax by the water.It is peaceful and quiet and you can always be alone with your thoughts here or just stop thinking for a few minutes or why not hours? The stream ends in the moon pool.

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Post by Julian on Fri Apr 15, 2016 12:50 am

Silence wasn't hard to find for the half-deaf wolf. It was always quiet, and if not, everything else could be turned into a faint echo with a simple turn of his head. But peace was another thing. He ran his hand through river soaked hair. He'd come to bathe, and ran a small towel over his arms. He wasn't in the mood to think, so he just did. Clear and simple.

He wrung the towel of water out before sloshing back onto shore to hang it up and lounge on a rock, his pants still dripping, but his shirt safely tucked away under a tree. His chest heaved with a sigh as he felt the wind chill. Too bad he wasn't some elemental Mage. Then he could make a fire, or evaporate the water, what not. But he was barely in control of his own power. The dry buzzing and slowed echo of thoughts usually attacking his mind. He needed something to clear his head, and absolute isolation was usually the trick. He fingered his necklace before toweling off his hair again. The sudden cold drops on his neck making him tense. But physical feelings were welcome. Took his mind off his...well mind.

Eventually, he'd dozed off. The chill of water no longer bothering the werewolf as he'd shifted in the moonlight. His fur shifted in the small breeze as deep and easy breathes whispered past his fangs. The off-white sheen sending shivers down a human's spine. He did not dream, a black and blanketing sleep. He'd curled up on the rock, absorbing the moon's rays. Not unlike to a basking cat. But comfort hadn't been taken into consideration. As he shifted, he felt the cold bite of the rock, expending warmth and shivering before a stray raven call roused him.

He blinked, staring at the edges of the rock, tracing them with a monotonous expression. He sighed, his chest tightening as he shook his shoulders, beginning to shift, his form taking shape as he leaned against the rock for support. Eventually he came to as a human. He breathed loudly through his nose as he sat up with a grunt of effort. He eyed the tree where his shirt once was before he sighed. "Gone..." He thought as the slightly bent branch shifted in the breeze. He glanced around, blood red eyes scanning the dark before he stood up, holding his head with a groan. "Follow...the smell..." He thought absently as he trekked through the forest with small growls of effort.
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