Before the Great Exodus

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Before the Great Exodus

Post by Eliza on Thu Dec 24, 2015 7:06 pm

The vampires, Crimson Fang

It all began with the son and daughters of the previous rulers. Casper, Eliza, and Tempest. They were the three royal children. But sadly for the trio, when Casper was only in his twenties, their father died of bloodlust, and their mother soon died afterwards of heartbreak induced self starvation. And so the two older siblings were thrown into the throne at a very young age for vampires. At first the pair ruled fairly smoothly, until Casper's heart wandered off and found a human girl named Aceline. Eliza although, was fooled and figured the girl was just a friend. Aceline was taken and turned soon after, and Eliza started to realize what was truly going on.

The werewolves, Moonclan

Raizil has always been the only ruler of Moonclan, and a very good one at that. Not much happened to the werewolves during the beginning, as they were happy.

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